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Vernee Apollo X 4GB RAM and 64GB storage: Maybe the best combination for a high-end smartphone

by Dimitris Economou 4

Most people agree that when it comes to RAM and storage, the larger, the better. But the truth is, the extra space is nothing but a waste of money. You actually won’t need that much storage. So how much storage is the best?

Take 3GB RAM for example. When the phone is turned on, there is always only 1GB space left. And after running for a while, only several hundred MB left. When we switch between recent apps, insufficient RAM always causes lag and even app crashes. In this case, even the most powerful processor makes no sense at all.

Vernee Apollo X

At present, mainstream flagship smartphones are equipped with 3GB RAM. And most users change their smartphones every 12-18 months. Therefore, 4GB RAM smartphones, like Vernee Apollo X, become popular, and they can secure one or two years of smooth operation.

So how about 32GB of storage, is that enough? The answer is “no”, apparently. Minus the space the system occupies, you get only slightly over 20GB left. One 13MP photo takes up 5MB, one lossless song takes up 30MB, let alone heavy games or HD movies which usually takes up several GBs. Even though you use only the basic social apps like Facebook, the cache files will multiply every time you use them. Besides, every update of OS or app will bring new functions and maybe graphics that take up more storage for sure.

Vernee Apollo X

Therefore, for most people, it’s wise to choose a phone with 64GB of storage, and that’s what Vernee did with the Apollo X. This amount of storage is more than enough for the vast majority of users out there. And for those who want even more, you can add an additional 128GB via microSD. Below, you can watch the Antutu benchmark results of the Apollo X as well its multitasking capabilities.

Vernee recently started the official reservation of Vernee Apollo X, during which users can get a $40 coupon by submitting their email addresses. What’s more, you also have the chance to win an Apollo X as prize in the upcoming Giveaway. You can join here. The presale will begin on April 5th.


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  • LabRat

    looks ok

  • Marc Borruat

    Anything about the camera optimization ?

  • Rob

    I see we have slowly moved away from all the Elephone ‘ads’ and have moved towards Vernee ads instead, do we have to read about this phone every single day??

  • Fuselman

    Vernee builds nice phones. Customer service is very poor, no response when you email them. I have an Apollo, Camera isn’t working, battery drains very fast. The One Plus One that I am stiil using has a better user experience then the Apollo. The phone doesn’t score the advertised An tutu score. So they promise a lot but when you buy a Vernee phone the only customer service is your retailer. I also have a Vernee Thor for a year now, battery is draining very fast and it takes very log to charge, can’t install OTA updates, phone in a loop. Camera doesn’t work when using an app with camera. In this case also no answer on my emails to Vernee customer service. It is a pitty because they are building nice phones to hold and look at.