Xiaomi Mijia Smart Shoes Go on Sale Tomorrow

by Martin 3

Xiaomi’s first smart shoe, which it unveiled last month, is finally going on sale tomorrow during the company’s Mi Fan Festival.

The shoes, which are named the Xiaomi Mijia Smart Shoes, are powered by Intel’s Curie Module which enables them to collect data on walking, running, and climbing. Users will get a report at the end of the day with details such as how far the wearer traveled, their average speed, and number of calories burned.

Apart from their “smart” features, the Mijia Smart Shoes are pretty good fitness shoes in themselves, with anti-skid features, air cushions, arched soles, and removable anti-bacterial two-layer insoles. The ankles and heel of the shoes also contain a soft velvet composite SBR (high-elastic styrene-butadiene rubber) which helps stabilize the fit of the shoes and prevent them from slipping off.

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The Xiaom Mijia Smart Shoes are available in four standard color options, Black and Surf Blue for men and Black and Pink for women, and a special Blue Edition that glows in the dark. They will be priced at only 249 Yuan.