Photos purportedly show the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

by Dimitris Economou 14

Galaxy Note 7 was a huge disaster for Samsung that was forced to recall about 2.5 million devices from circulation and eventually cancel the model totally for 2016. Many believe that the company should let the “Note” brand name go and come up with something new, as it is considered bad reputation by now.

Galaxy Note 8

Well, if the photos leaked today are true, it seems that the Note Series is far from being dead. As you can see for yourselves, the device in the photo is identical to the S8 Plus, the new beast from Samsung with the almost bezel-less display on the front, with the S-Pen being the hint that this is the Note 8 in all its glory.

Galaxy Note 8

If the photos are real, then we should expect the Galaxy Note 8 to have smaller battery capacity than the S8 Plus since the engineers have to make room for the S-Pen. And we don’t won’t batteries burning again, do we?

Again, rumors this early should be taken with a pinch of salt, although if a Note 8 is on schedule, it shouldn’t be far from what we see in the photos.


Thanks NERIS for the tip and images!