Vkworld Stone V3: World’s first 3-SIM rugged device on offer for $19.99

by Dimitris Economou 1

Not too many years ago, Chinese manufacturers were the ones that copied design from big, well established companies. Times change and now most Chinese manufacturers make their own, original devices and other, smaller ones copy from them!

For that reason, Vkworld is going to release its upgraded Stone V3—the New Stone V3 . They are doing this because there are so many copycats that violate their intellectual property. Here, you can see  a photo of a fake Stone V3. If you buy a fake one, you are unable to get any support from the company.

Vkworld Stone V3

Apart from design, The new device has a lot of improvements. And it is the world’s first triple SIM rugged phone.

Vkworld Stone V3

The new Vkworld Stone V3 features

  1. Upgrade to IP68 water-proof dust-proof
  2. Triple SIM support, triple standby
  3. 2MP camera
  4. Imported earphone and microphone from South Korea
  5. Aerospace rubber exterior
  6. Bigger keyboard, friendly UI, bigger font
  7. Brand-new back cover design
  8. Improved BOX speaker, louder volume
  9. New blue color
  10. Support for 15 languages


And to promote it, the company sets it on offer Now on AliExpress with a promoted price of only $19.99. Just click here to go directly to the offer page.