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Yoshop has a VR Headset for you, for just $8.99 (coupon)

by Dimitris Economou 0

It’s needless to say that all kinds of VR Headsets are popping up like mushrooms. Of course, as in every market, there are premium devices as well as budget solutions for someone who wants to try this new trend. What better opportunity than the VR Headset offered from Yoshop.

VR Headset

Budget doesn’t mean useless as there are great solutions that can offer similar experience as their premium counterparts. One of them is the VR Headset that Yoshop has on offer. Suitable for smartphones with width ranging from 6 to 8.2cm,  it can host smartphones with 16cm height.

VR Headset

The distance between the phone and the lens can be adjusted so that it suits people with different visions. Of course, the person that wears the headset is the only one that can see the content. As all cordless such devices, it is convenient to use for watching anytime, anywhere, whether sitting, lying or standing.

VR Headset

To catch the offer, all you have to do is use coupon YSMARCH05 during checkout. Also, there is free shipping included. The offer is valid until April 22nd.