Get 10% off of all RC products available on Bangood (coupon)

by Dimitris Economou 0

Banggood is one of China’s biggest online retailers with a wide variety of products. From smartphones to tablets and laptops to clothes and suitcases, you name it and Banggood’s got it. A very popular category is RC products with enthusiasts all around the world finding what they want there.


To compliment those enthusiasts, Banggood is offering a discount coupon that provides for 10% discount on all RC products. RC Toys, RC Parts, RC accessories and more are all included in the offer. Unlike other promotions across all retailers, there is no products left out of the discount.

To get the discount, just apply coupon RC2017 during checkout. There is no information on when the coupon will expire, so should have plenty of time to decide what to buy. To see the full list of eligible products, just visit the dedicated offer page here.