Elephone S8 tri-bezel-less smartphone is on its way, prototype device shown on video

by Dimitris Economou 6

Elephone proves to be very daring the last 1-2 years and is experimenting in a lot of ways, both on software as well as in hardware. The latest example is the Elephone S7 with its lumia waves on the back cover being its trademark. Thankfully, the company doesn’t stop there and is ready to release its next achievement, the Elephone S8 which takes notes directly from Sharp Aquos, the first tri-bezel-less device ever made.

After months of development, the Elephone S8 is almost ready and, as you can see in the video, it looks stunning. The company kept the lumia waves on the back cover and added an impressive 6″ display to make it look even more amazing. There is no final release date yet, but judging by the device on the video, it should hit the production line soon.

Elephone S8


The rest of the specs are yet to be revealed, something that will happen gradually, as always in these cases. To learn more about Elephone and its devices, you can visit the official website here.