You can now get the No.1 F1 Smartband for only $17.99 on Gearbest

by Dimitris Economou 0

The No.1 F1 Smartband was released about 5 months ago and wanted to break Xiaomi’s domination in the category. And it did a pretty good job, as it soon became very popular. This is largely due to the fact that No.1 markets the wearable as a band for everyone, from the demanding athlete to the office worker.

No.1 F1 Smartband

Its main advantage is that it comes with an enormous battery. With 230mAh and 100 days of standby, it certainly beats the Mi Band 2 in this department. What’s more, the F1 Smartband comes with an IP68 certification. This means it can be submerged to greater depth than the Mi Band 2 and still be functional. Quite important feature for those who often like to swim. In addition, it sports a dynamic heart rate monitor that gives more accurate results compared to a static HR monitor.

No.1 F1 Smartband

As most of similar products, it works together with both Android and iOS devices and can alert you for a large variety of notifications as well as calls and SMS. The connection is achieved via Bluetooth 4.0 to bring notifications to the big 0.91″ AMOLED display.

No.1 F1 Smartband

The No.1 F1 Smartband is now on offer for a limited time on Gearbest. Until tomorrow, you can get it for only $17.99. Also, the quantity is limited. There are still more than a hundred pieces left but they are reducing quickly. To learn more about the F1, visit the official product page here.

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