Elephone launches Product Plan Calendar to better inform its customers

by Dimitris Economou 1

Elephone is a popular company and the truth is that it started on the wrong foot with hardware and – mainly- software problems became frequent. Thankfully, all that seems to belong in the past, as Elephone has shown signs of improvement, constantly releasing software updates and equipping its devices with high-quality parts.

Elephone S8

Eventually, being a fairly famous company they have no problem with advertising their current devices, but when it comes to future products, information is scarce. For that reason, to better inform its customers, Elephone launched a product calendar page on their official website. There, all the future models will be presented with a progress tab that will inform visitors how things are going.

In addition, the main specs such as SoC, RAM amount, internal storage and battery capacity all also presented. This way, a potential buyer can see if a device suits his needs and when it will be available.

To check out the new product calendar which, by the way, includes the Elephone S8, just click here.