Galaxy S8 Video Shows Swollen Battery But Doesn’t Explode or Catch Fire

by Martin 0

It looks like all the effort Samsung put into developing their battery technology has paid off as a new video showing a Galaxy S8 being torn apart shows that even though the damage becomes damage and begins to swell, it doesn’t catch fire or explore.

The video comes from YouTubers Lincoln and Daniel Markham of the “What’s Inside” channel. In the video, they tear apart a Galaxy S8 with the help of fellow YouTuber Zack Nelson of “JerryRigEverything.” And in the process of trying to open the device up, the battery is damaged so they quickly take it outside expecting it to swell and possibly catch fire or explode.

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While the battery does end up swelling and becomes very hot, it fails to either catch fire or explode. The YouTubers then proceed to intentionally try to get the battery to spark or catch fire by stabbing it with a razer blade but still nothing happens, showing just how much work Samsung has put into making sure anything like its Note 7 fiasco never happens again.

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