Elephone Teases Smartphone with Pop-up Front Camera

by Martin 0

Several of the smartphones unveiled this year have begun featuring smaller and smaller front bezels, with some ditching the physical home button altogether and leaving barely enough space for several of the other components usually found on the front of the device such as the earpiece and the front-facing camera.

Elephone has decided to deal with this developing situation in a unique way as the company has teased a new smartphone with an almost non-existent top bezel and a front-facing camera that pops up from the rear of the device, a fairly new and unique way of implementing the front-facing camera on a bezel-less smartphone.

While the company did not reveal any other details on the device, it looks like it will be one of the company’s upcoming flagship devices this year. And now that the company has teased the new device, it probably won’t be long until we find out more about it.

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Alongside this smartphone, Elephone is also releasing a number of smartphones this year which the company has mapped on their website here.