Which Blackview devices will come with Android 7 Out-of-The-Box

by Dimitris Economou 0

Google releases a new version of Android every year and soon, it will announce version 8 of its popular OS. For the time being, the current version is Android 7 that has been on the market for almost a year but it still struggles to gain user base. This is a chronic problem and it’s the famous “fragmentation” as manufacturers usually support their flagship devices and leave less expensive devices without many updates.

Blackview P2 Lite

If big manufacturers neglect to update their devices, imagine what happens with small companies with far less resources and manpower. Thankfully, this isn’t the case with Blackview that offers devices running on Android 7.0 out-of-the-box. So, devices that will be shipped with Android 7.0 are Blackview BV6000S as well as the rugged BV7000 Pro and P2. In addition, the standard versions P2 Lite and BV7000 are also on Android 7.0.

The 7th iteration of the popular OS comes with a lot of improvements over Android 6 and below are some.

1. Multi-window
2. Notification Enhancements
3. Quick Path to App Install
4. Night Mode
5. Editable quick settings
6. Quick reply in notification bar
7. Improved humanized voice search
8. Improved Doze sleep scheme
9. Data Saver and more

These are only a few of Blackview devices that will come or be updated to Android Nougat. If you want one that carries the latest version, you can go for the all new P2 Lite that is on presale on Aliexpress.

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