Xiaomi Mi 6 Ceramic Version Will Only Be Available in Limited Quantities

by Martin 0

The Xiaomi Mi 6 officially goes on sale this Friday and it will be available in three different variants including two standard versions, which differ only in internal storage capacity, and a high-end ceramic version, which replaces the glass back of the standard edition with a curved ceramic material.

Those looking forward to getting their hands on the ceramic version of the Mi 6 might end up disappointed though as initial stocks for the high-end device might be limited, according to a post on Weibo by analyst Pan Jiutang.

According to the post, the ceramic version of the Mi 6 will initially only be available in limited quantities due to the low capacity of ceramic CNC machining, limiting the number of curved ceramic back covers that can be produced at a time.

Jiutang did say that Xiaomi’s suppliers are increasing the number of ceramic CNC machines producing the back covers for the Mi 6 so later batches of the ceramic version might be more abundant in the in the coming months.

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The ceramic version of the Mi 6 is priced at 2999 Yuan (~$435) and, and aside from the curved ceramic back cover, comes with 128GB of internal storage. For comparison, the standard versions of the Mi 6, which feature the glass back, are priced at 2499 Yuan and 2899 Yuan for the 64GB and 128GB variant, respectively.

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