Dodocool DA131 3D Gaming Earphones are out and offer great sound experience (coupon)

by Dimitris Economou 0

Dodocool has a series of successful accessories of all kinds, with good build quality and great pricing. In this direction is the new 3D gaming headset, Dodocool DA131 3D, that the company just released. As a gaming headset, it delivers superb audio that features a patented technology similar to Dolby.

Dodocool DA131

Dodocool DA131 Main Features

1) Patented 5.1 Channel Frequency Division Technology delivers 360-degree sound, similar to Dolby and is achieved through the physical divider patented technology

2) High-precision 12mm dynamic driver brings remarkable sound effects. Enhanced bass performance reaches 3Hz extremely low frequency response that it helps capture every sound detail during gaming, so that you can quickly understand the whole enemy situation

3) Patented inner noise filtering design, brings the most original sound

4) Interchangeable high-elastic silicone earplugs ensure a secure fit and comfortable experience for long time wear

5) The smallest multi-channel stereo earphones

Dodocool DA131

More details can be found here.

In addition, Dodocool will provide 20 free samples for tech reviewers to test its new product. For you who want to test Dodocool DA131, fill this application.

Dodocool DA131

Also, a great discount is offered on Amazon. For the US residents, use coupon PBPH5LX5 during checkout to get 34% off the original price. You can find it here.

For the Spanish Amazon site, visit the product page here and use coupon 3APDW2UN during checkout to get an €11 off.