Get $11 off for Xiaomi WiFi HomePlug on Gearbest (coupon)

by Dimitris Economou 0

There was a time when WiFi connection was optional or even totally absent from devices like cellular phones and laptops. Well, all that is a thing of the past now as even refrigerators can connect to the Internet via WiFi. Unfortunately, this lead to another problem: WiFi coverage.

Xiaomi HomePlug

Most consumer routers feature weak WiFi modules leading to poor connection in rooms far from the source. Again, technology gave the solution with WiFi extenders like the Xiaomi HomePlug. What does it do? It extends your Internet connection either via Ethernet or via WiFi.

Xiaomi HomePlug

With the 2-piece equipment, you connect the host device on to your router via Ethernet and the host sends the signal via WiFi to the receiver waiting in another room. You can connect up to 3 receivers to cover as much space as possible.


Xiaomi HomePlug main features

  • Powerline Ethernet adapter is an excellent solution that can be used to extend your network
  • Wireless function, make your wireless coverage larger
  • A host can be connected with seven sub-machine ( only work with three sub-machine in the same time)
  • Compatible with other brands router

The Xiaomi HomePlug is on offer at Gearbest. With the use of coupon GBMHPP during checkout, you get $11 off the original price. You can find it in the link below.