xWatch EX18 is official and brings a ton of features with superb battery life

by Dimitris Economou 0

About a month ago, the new xWatch smartwatch, xWatch EX18 was leaked online with nothing but a photo showing the watch. Time has come and the EX18 is officially revealed with its killer feature being its superb battery life. This is accomplished mainly due to the different display type that in neither LCD nor OLED. It is the kind that existed in older type of watches.

xWatch EX18

This doesn’t affect the user experience one bit, as the xWatch EX18 does almost everything that a modern smartwatch can do. Almost, as it lacks heart rate monitoring and GPS. Other than that, it is loaded with lots of features as you can see in the photo below.


Also, in terms of hardware specs and battery consumption, the new wearable proves to be very conservative and that gives it an awesome battery performance that reaches 8 months of normal use. In addition, it is IP67 certified which means that it can withstand 5 ATM of pressure.

xWatch EX18

Design-wise, it is a classic design made of stainless steel, combined with fancy colored straps. There is a more premium stainless steel strap as well for those who want something more formal.

xWatch EX18

Its price tag and the release date are not yet known, but they will be soon enough as it is already in production.