Clash of the Titans: Blackview P2 VS Oukitel K6000 Plus battery comparison (video)

by Dimitris Economou 0

There are only a handful of devices out there that can call themselves “battery monsters” and of course, they come from Chinese manufacturers that, after a few years of adapting and learning from western companies, now make unique products without the need to copy anything. One of them is Blackview, that with the battery monster Blackview P2, intends to go head to head against the Oukitel K6000 Plus that has similar battery capacity.

Blackview P2

In a recent study, it is clear that consumers have made a shift from watching TV and prefer their PC, tablet or smartphone. Now, Imagine a situation where you are watching a video and when coming to the most exciting scene, like in the popular Fast 8 and your device runs out of battery. How would you feel? Or that you are a businessman and you want to make an urgent call or look up an important email and suddenly your display goes black. Terrifying, isn’t it? In the video below, Blackview made a battery test against Oukitel K6000 Plus and iPhone 7 Plus.


Clearly, the big winner is Blackview P2, with the other two devices sporting similar results with almost  half the battery performance. In addition, Blackview P2 offers a 9V2A quick charger to be up and running in no-time.


Blackview P2 Oukitel K6000 Plus
Charging Time 1 hour and 51 mins 2 hours and 39 mins
Power consumption Time 14 hours and 8 mins 9 hours and 20 mins

If you are interested in buying the battery monster from Blackview for as low as $179.99, just visit this page on Aliexpress.

Blackview P2