Vkworld New Stone V3 is a Feature Phone with a smartphone camera

by Dimitris Economou 0

Despite the many similarities you may see between the old and the new Vkworld V3, the upgraded version of the popular device has many improvements from outside to inside. The biggest improvement is the camera. Vkworld upgraded the camera to 2MP and added tons of settings to it, making the camera more like a smartphone camera.

Vkworld V3

Vkworld V3 camera features

  •  Picture size: from 2048*1536 to 240*320
  •  Night mode
  •  Brightness adjustment
  •  Contrast adjustment
  •  Exposure bias
  •  Animation frames
  •  Continuous shooting
  •  White balance
  •  Delay

As you can see, you can now adjust many factors in the camera. And with the 2MP sensor, the picture is much clearer than any other feature phone. Vkworld hopes that even elderly people can enjoy good pictures. Apart from the improved camera, the device has many other improvements to brag about.

Vkworld V3

Vkworld V3 improvements

  •   Update to IP68 water-proof dust-proof
  •   New design and new color
  •   New BOX speaker, much louder and clearer
  •   Stronger LED light
  •   Bigger keyboard and font
  •   Enhanced rubber exterior
  •   Support up to 15 languages
  •   Support 3 SIM cards, triple standby
  •   High-quality ear piece and micro phone from South Korea


In addition, Vkworld is going to host its last V3 promotion on AliExpress with a price of only $19.79 and limited quantity. A great price for the New Stone V3. After the promotion, the price will go back to $32.99 and $35.99. The promotion starts at 09:00(GMT+0) Apr 28. You can find it here. Just make sure to buy the right model, as there are many copycats out there.