Samsung Tops Indian Smartphone Market in Q1 2017

by Martin 0

India has been one of the fastest-rising smartphone markets in the world over the past few years and now it has grown to become the world’s second largest. Many of the world’s smartphone manufacturers have been trying to break into and dominate the Indian market for years and in a new report by Counterpoint Research, Samsung was able to dominate the market in the first quarter of 2017.

According to the report, Samsung led the smartphone market in India during the first quarter of the year with a massive market share of 26%, double that of the market’s second biggest player Xiaomi with 13%. After Xiaomi, the other companies that led the smartphone market in India include Vivo at 12%, OPPO at 10%, and Lenovo at 8%, while the rest of the smartphone companies playing in India shared a 31% market share.

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The report also states that 4G LTE connectivity has become one of the biggest must-have smartphones features in the Indian market, contributing 96% of total smartphone shipments in the country during the first quarter of 2017. Big screen smartphones have also taken over the market with 80% of shipments featuring smartphones with displays measuring 5 inches and above.