CHUWI Hi13 Says “Hi” To Microsoft’s Surface laptop

by Dimitris Economou 2

Microsoft has managed to create a new segment in the market with its Surface Series and yesterday, announced the Surface Laptop, a 13.5″ display device that will be available after June 15 for $999. But, why wait until then when there is a much more affordable, same display size machine for 1/3 of that price already available?

Chuwi Hi13

Yes, we are talking about Chuwi Hi13 that is already on the market and has the same inch screen,same color gamut and same aspect ratio, as the new Microsoft Surface. It is already on sale since April and with only a third price ($349) on Chuwi official store here you can get it now. Besides other features, Chuwi Hi13 sports a 3K resolution which offers 267ppi while Microsoft’s Surface Laptop reaches only 201ppi. They both feature the same 4GB RAM and run on Windows 10 OS. Of course, there are specs that Chuwi Hi13 falls behind at, but still, it’s only $349!

Chuwi Hi13

All in all, Chuwi has proven that it aims for high tech, affordable devices and you can tell from its previous product lineups. If you have tried out some of their models, you would know better. If you haven’t, you should probably check it out.

Chuwi Hi13 vs Microsoft Surface Laptop specsChuwi Hi13