MGCOOL Explorer Pro will come with a 2 Year warranty to keep your mind peaceful

by Dimitris Economou 9

MGCOOL Explorer Pro was recently released with Sharkeye lens sensor, which reduces distortion to a great extent. The latest news is that the company has decided to provide a 2-year warranty instead of the standard one year warranty provided by competing manufacturers.

MGCOOL Explorer Pro

MGCOOL will undertake all repair works for manufacturing defects within 24 months from the date of purchase. Hence, you can take a deep breath and do all sort of nasty things with your Explorer Pro action camera. If you purchase the Explorer Pro action camera, you will be eligible to get 2-year warranty, which gives you complete peace of mind. Moreover, the camera will be available at a reduced price as part of the MGCOOL Explorer Pro Global Spot Sale from May 11 to 31. With a price of $39.99 and 2-year warranty, you have a complete photography package in hand.

MGCOOL Explorer Pro

MGCOOL Explorer Pro is equipped with a 2″ display, Allwinner V3 processor, Sony IMX179 sensor including the addition of a Sharkeye wide angle lens capable of capturing media up to 170-degrees. Hence, you can capture images and videos with a wide coverage and reduced distortion. Also, Explorer Pro is can shoot 4K videos at 30fps and images up to 16MB. You can capture 100 minutes 4K video with the integrated 1050mAh battery.

If you are on a lookout for a digital action camera, you should consider the budget-friendly MGCOOL Explorer Pro because of the 2-year warranty and integration of sharkeye lens. You will not find an action camera with more than one year warranty. You can find more info here and on the company’s Facebook Page.