Elephone P8 and P8 Mini coming soon in beautiful Red Wine color

by Dimitris Economou 1

Big screen devices are more popular due to the fact that they are more suitable for the gaming and watching films. On the other hand, smaller display smartphones are more convenient for one-hand use and more portable. Elephone P8 and P8 Mini from the P8 Series cover both worlds to please every user. Also, they will hit the market in a beautiful Red Wine color that is the most sexy and hot color on the market right now. Red Wine P8 series makes you absolutely unique.
Elephone P8
The two metallic body phones use advanced craftsmanship of abrasive process to achieve more comfortable feeling while handling them. Once you hold them in your hand you immediately realize how well built they are. Both Elephone P8 and P8 Mini feature 16MP front camera with soft flash. Elephone P8 sports the latest Helio P25 SoC, 21MP rear camera, 6GB+64GB memory combination with support of up to 256GB SD card, and 5.5 inch FHD display with incell technology.
Elephone P8
On the other hand, the Elephone P8 Mini runs Android 7.0 on a system with 4GB+64GB memory combination, a 13MP rear camera which seems to be a dual camera setup, and a 5.0″ Sharp FHD display. It’s light and thin and while being smaller, its performance is as good as its bigger sibling.
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