Smartphone Dropped From Drone Survives Fall

by Martin 0

Drop tests have become one of the most popular ways to test out a smartphone’s durability. Most drop tests are usually done from several heights to test several real-life situations where a user may drop their smartphone. But in a new video, the drop test is taken to a whole new level as the video shows an AGM X1 rugged smartphone being dropped from a drone flying a thousand feet up in the air.

In the video, the AGM X1 is first dropped from about a few feet twice and easily survives. The X1 is then strapped onto a drone and is taken about a thousand feet up into the air. The phone is then dropped and actually hits a balcony on the side of a nearby building before finally crashing into the ground. The phone is then inspected for damage and apart from the port covers getting removed and a few dings and scratches on the rear cover, the phone is completely intact and working.

Not only is the AGM X1’s body incredibly durable, as proven by the drone drop test, due to its rubber case and titanium alloy frame but it is also IP68 certified, making it both water and dust resistant. It is also equipped with a 5400mAh for longer battery life.

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The AGM X1 is currently on sale at AliExpress from today until May 9 for only $251.99, which is $48 off its regular price.