Xiaomi Unveils Mi 6 Bundles for Sports, Leisure, and Business

by Martin 0

Xiaomi is now offering potential buyers of its just-released Mi 6 smartphone new ways to get their hands on the new flagship by unveiling new Mi 6 bundles that will package the Mi 6 with accessories or other gadgets. So far, Xiaomi has unveiled three Mi 6 bundles – a Business Bundle, a Sports Bundle, and a Leisure/Casual Bundle.

The Business Bundle, which is the only one currently available for purchase and is the most expensive, pairs the 128GB storage variant of the Mi 6 with a Xiaomi 13.3-inch standard edition Air notebook. The Mi 6 Business is priced at a 7,798 Yuan, which is 100 Yuan cheaper than buying the two devices separately.

The Sports Bundle comes with the same 128GB variant of the Mi 6 which is the packaged with a Xiaomi Mi Band 2. It is the cheapest bundle of the three, priced at only 3048 Yuan. Lastly, the Leisure/Casual Bundle comes with a Mi Backpack and Turok Steinhardt Sunglasses, it is priced at 3247 Yuan. There’s no word on when the Sports and Leisure/Casual Bundle will be available for purchase.

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As previously mentioned, all three bundles will come with the 128GB storage variant of the Mi 6 in its standard Black color option.