Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun Answers Key Questions About Xiaomi Mi 6 Silver & Blue Variant Release

by Martin 3

Guesting in Taobao’s latest Q&A, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun addressed questions regarding the highly-anticipated silver and blue variants of the company’s new Mi 6 flagship.

According to Lei Jun, the silver variant of the Mi 6 is still being worked on as the production of the device’s mirror-like silver finish is incredibly difficult, with only 10/10000 qualifying for final production, making mass production very hard to do.

He further explained that if the company decided to sell the silver version of the Mi 6 with the production at its current state, it would be overly expensive.

As for the blue variant of the Mi 6, Lei Jun assured fans not to worry as the blue variant of the Mi 6 will soon be available. He did not state an exact date or window for the release of the blue Mi 6 variant though.

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Lastly, Lei Jun said that the company is working hard to improve the production capacity of the standard versions of the Mi 6 to meet the high and growing demand for the device.