Xiaomi Mi 6 First Teardown Photos and Video Released

by Martin 3

It’s been only a little over a week since the launch of the Xiaomi Mi 6. And today, the first teardown photos and video of the new flagship have been released online, showing us a glimpse of the device’s internals.

The video reveals that the back cover of the Mi 6 can easily be removed by using a prying tool to slowly and carefully remove the Mi 6’s back cover. We then get to see the device’s different components as they’re removed one after the other.

The first component to be removed is the NFC module followed by the Mi 6’s main board which houses its processor, RAM, and other important internal components. We then get to see the camera modules (both the dual rear and front), the speaker module, and more.

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The teardown video and photos give us a good look at how easy it is to take apart, assemble, and repair the Xiaomi Mi 6.