No1 G8 Smartwatch with SIM support coming soon

by Dimitris Economou 0

After several models lacking SIM support, No1 is ready to release a new model, No1 G8 smartwatch with SIM support. It features a sport design with several straps available to choose whichever you want. What makes it different from other similar devices, is the 3-mode function that allows for extra power saving. In Phone Mode, SIM card is fully functional and you can place calls. In Bracelet Mode, there is additional functionality with syncing and sport recording enabled. Lastly, in Watch Mode, only time is shown on the display, saving battery that lasts up to 5 days.

No1 G8

NO.1 G8 sports Bluetooth 4.0 that helps you connect to both Android and iOS devices. Also, there is a 2nd-Gen heart rate monitor with improved accuracy. With the nanoSIM support, phone calls are possible without the help of a smartphone nearby. Its 1.3″ display is covered with hardened glass. The chip that drives all that, is an MTK2502 II with reduced power consumption. Below, you can see a demo video with a summary of the new wearable.