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Luxurious AGM X1 Limited edition with 18K Gold launched with a $30 off offer

by Dimitris Economou 4

When it comes to luxurious smartphone, there have been some popular handsets in the world such as iPhones and Huawei Mate 9 produced in limited quantities, and usually they come with high price that not many people can afford. As one of the leading phone makers in the field of rugged devices, AGM announced the release of a Limited Edition AGM X1, known as the world’s first rugged smartphone with dual camera. The Limited Edition version comes with 18K gold plated-in front frame as well as on a few components on the back cover, and it features IP68 protection against damages as well.

AGM X1 Gold Limited Edition

As far as specs are concerned, the Luxurious AGM X1 Limited Edition is exactly the same as the AGM X1 and features a 5.5″ Super AMOLED FHD display and Qualcomm 617 SoC. Also, there are 4GB RAM available with an internal storage of 64GB. In addition,  it packs a 5400mAh battery supporting Quick charging and a 13MP dual rear camera as well as a 5MP front shooter.

The device is available for purchase now and from May 10th to May 17th, you can save $30 off the 18K Gold Edition and get it for just $269.99 over at Aliexpress and Coolicool. For more information on the device you can visit their official website.


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  • Luis Tejada

    People do not seem to understand that, if you investigate, a premium midrange EXISTS … not everything is “Apple or Samsung” (both overvalued IMO ) xS “Ruggeds with reasonable prices”? well: for me its AGM ( not Blckvw anymore)… basically because previous experiences (i had their a8: amazing phone for its price) and their phones have the best reviews… and now i am seriously considering to get an X1 since now they have released a rare gold 18k edition with extra power :O !

  • Oscar García

    Have you heard about the gold x1 18k edition ? AGM will be offering the X1 limited edition from today until 17th May and if you act fast you’ll save $30 bring the price of the 18K gold phone down to only $269.99. Visit Aliexpress or Coolicool to order one today.

  • Soledad Salvador

    Its a amazing rugged line ! Check out the review of the x1 GOLD EDITION :O its like the x1 … for that prices to have a Octa-Core 1.5 GHz, 4GB ram, 64GB mem , two 13 Megapixels cameras and ip68 ( it comes with Lollipop but can be upgraded to 7.0 its quite impressive) ; but came with a extra push on the battery and waterproof finger reader

  • Roge Arias

    For me the Chinese models are realistic options for people who want something very punctual: if the battery is urgent and nothing more: maaaaybe a blackview is ok . Generally though: I think the X1 is way more balanced in specs and case ; such an excellent performance / price ratio. Even the 18k gold edition of that model is not that pricy!