UMIDIGI Crystal infinite display smartphone enters the bezel-less era later this year

by Dimitris Economou 2

The display has always played an important role in the smartphone market. Evolving from LCD, to OLED to curved and “flexible” keep taking smartphone displays to a higher level of design and display quality. With the evolution of display panel technology and higher demands from consumers, UMIDIGI is also adopting bezel-less displays as its major focus of production in 2017. So, let’s welcome UMIDIGI to the bezel-less display era. Starting from UMIDIGI Crystal, the company begins its journey to explore the bezel-less potentials. You can now pre-order UMIDIGI Crystal for $99on their official website here.




UMIDIGI Crystal, LG G6 and Samsung S8 join the Bezel-Less Club

Entering 2017, the “bezel-less” is the main design language for  LG and Samsung with the G6 and S8. By almost eliminating the bezels around the display, manufacturers are able to put a bigger screen on an overall smaller body. Take Samsung Galaxy S8 for example. The screen ratio is 18.5 : 9, and has basically removed the “forehead” and the “jaw” of the phone by removing the physical buttons on the front. The 84% screen display ratio is one of the top in the market.



UMIDIGI will release its first 18:9 superhigh screen ratio phone later this year

This year’s flagships, bring a revolution to smartphones design-wise. No matter whether it’s an LCD or and AMOLED panel, the usable surface increases as does the user experience. However, for most manufacturers, it’s a great challenge to put such designs to volume production. Despite all the challenges, we are glad that see that manufacturers like UMIDIGI and others succeed in doing so, bringing cutting edge features to the masses.