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MGCOOL to Launch WAVE Bluetooth Sport Earphones Soon, Could Be Priced Below $40

by Martin 10

After releasing their latest Explorer series of action cameras, it looks like MGCOOL is shifting gears to the outdoor sports market and is planning to release new Bluetooth sports earphones soon.

Rumored to be called the WAVE, the Bluetooth-connected earphones will feature an ergonomic design, water-resistance, CVC6.0 noise reduction technology, and is rumored to be priced at below $40.

Rumors also suggest that the WAVE will also come with a 100mAh battery that will give the earphones an estimated standby time of 220 hours, 5 to 7 hours of playback time, and a charging time of only 2 hours.

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There’s no word yet on when the MGCOOL WAVE will be officially announced but given that press/marketing images of the device have already leaked online, we probably won’t have to wait long until MGCOOL announces it.

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  • Federico Menéndez

    mmm Really good. I though this brand only launched action cameras.

  • Julio Pedregosa

    Which e-shop do you recommend for buy the product? Thanks.

    • JimMorisson

      I’d like to know that too!

  • Emi Geek

    Really interesting. Waiting for know more information about it.

  • Armando Jaleo

    Bluetooth 4.1. Very fast connection.

  • Tech77

    The bluetooth connectivity will be faster as it will features 4.1 hope it will sounds good

  • rossya88

    Rumoured to be priced below $40, but is that the final price of is it the pre release price, like what they do with their cameras?

  • I_am_Emily

    didn’t they launch something similar before? it was called mgcool whispering or something like that, anyone tried those so far?

  • Alan Mehr

    So when is this coming out again? Can’t seem to find the date

  • YooMii

    Looks interesting, i’d want to know a bit more about the earphones