MGCOOL Explorer Pro 2″ action camera exclusive images

by Dimitris Economou 12

MGCOOL Explorer Pro action camera was recently released with extraordinary 6G “Sharkeye” technology, which enables you to capture wide-angle images without distortion. Today, the company released a series of exclusive photos of the camera. The photos showcase the usage of the camera in real-life. You can attach the MGCOOL Explorer Pro camera on your head, bicycle including your bag sleeve. The company also released several close-up images of the camera. In the photos, you can get a taste of what the sensor and the body as well as materials used look like.

MGCOOL Explorer Pro

As shown in the photos, the Explorer Pro camera provides excellent grip to enable you to work with it anywhere. You can also view the correct positions of the HDMI and USB ports along with other external parts. The one with the camera mounted on the bicycle helps you visualize each part clearly. While both sides of the camera are designed using ribbed pattern, the front portion is manufactured to provide a smooth look and finish.

MGCOOL has released the exclusive images to convince customers before purchase. Manufactured with premium materials, the MGCOOL Explorer Pro provides cutting-edge technologies at a price you can afford. On the specifications front, the MGCOOL Explorer Pro features a 2″ display, Allwinner V3 processor, Sony IMX179 sensor integrated with 6G “Sharkeye” 170-degree wide angle lens. You will be able to capture 4K videos @30fps with H.264 support. Moreover, you can shoot images up to 16MB starting from 2MB.

MGCOOL Explorer Pro

The camera is water-resistant up to 30m of depth and is powered by a 1050mAh battery, which will be able to deliver 100 minutes of 4K video capturing. Also, it charges within 2 hours using the provided 5V/1A adapter. The camera includes a wide range of shooting modes alongside companion mobile app for both Android and iOS.

You also can now purchase MGCOOL Explorer Pro at a very competitive price from BanggoodLearn more about MGCOOL Explorer Pro here.