Cagabi One Plus with Sony IMX149 sensor is coming this month

by Dimitris Economou 0

Cagabi is a newly established company and entered the L mobile market with Cagabi One, a decent device at a great price. So, it is time for the second model to be released and its name is no surprise: Cagabi One Plus.

Cagabi One Plus

The main weakness of the first model was its camera performance, but thankfully the company is about to improve that. Working with well established suppliers has its advantages, so the Cagabi One Plus will feature the Sony IMX149 sensor. The pixel size is 1.4μm, which is significantly bigger than most sensors.

It is close the the size of the IMX333 sensor of Galaxy S8(1.44μm). That means Cagabi One will feature better low-light performance.

Model Pixel Size
Galaxy S8 1.44μm
iPhone 7 1.22μm
LG G6 1.25μm
Cagabi One Plus 1.4μm

Also the glass on camera lens will be upgraded from Corning Gorilla Glass 3 to Corning Gorilla Glass 5, making the camera much more durable. In addition, both RAM and storage will be bigger, 2GB and 16GB respectively. Lastly, the battery will also get a bump from 2200mAh to 2800mAh, a 28% increase. Also, it will come with Android Nougat pre-installed.

Cagabi One Plus

Cagabi One Plus main specs

1.  5-inch IPS HD display

2.  2.5D CPT Glass

3.  AAC speaker

4.  Dual camera flash

5.  Front camera flash

6.  5MP front camera

7.  7 colors

Cagabi One Plus will be available this month with a price about $60.