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Get Xiaomi Mi 6 at official price on Giztop (pre-order)

by Dimitris Economou 9

Smartphones are coming out of Chinese production line by millions (maybe billions) every year and besides the big companies like Apple that produce their devices their, domestic manufacturers do too. This is a big advantage as it -among other things- allows for lower priced devices. Companies like Xiaomi have the best VFM (value for money) rank as its latest flagship Xiaomi Mi 6, sells for under $400. Nevertheless, international buyers pay a lot more, as online retailers sell it much more than that, often $100 more. This is not the case with Giztop, as it now has the Black 64GB and 128GB versions available for almost the official price. That said, the 6GB/64GB version sells for $399 and the 6GB/128GB for $449. The price is about the preorder of the device with dispatch date being in about 30 days.

Xiaomi Mi 6

The Xiaomi Mi 6 comes with a Snapdragon 835 chipset under the hood clocked at 2.45GHz with Adreno 540 GPU on board. Note that this is a 10nm chip and comes in an octa-core architecture, which means the phone will be quite efficient as well as powerful. There are also 6GB of RAM on board. The display is of 5.15″ with 1080p resolution. It’s a Negative LCD display and comes with 600-nit max brightness and 1-nit super low ultra-dark brightness, ideal for night time reading. There’s a special eye protection optimization for the display that ensures that your eyes are not adversely affected by the screen, especially at night.

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  • Ionut Johnny

    Just bought one, thank you, this price is incredibly cheap.

  • eliHd452

    “Nevertheless, international buyers pay a lot more, as online retailers sell it much more than that, often $100 more” so its around $550 to $600. Same as lg g6. Winner winer chicken dinner

    • It’s best price to get Xiaomi mi6 at $399 now. 🙂

  • wyborcaknp

    I would buy him, but xpeir x he has better camera

  • Nikos

    It’s 439$, not 399$. I am seeing something wrong?

    • Joe

      Hi Nikos,

      what you see in the link is the current stock price.

      You need to go to this link: (it was mentioned in the description in the original listing), which is the pre-order price at $399.99

      Check it out!

  • wyborcaknp

    Is it necessary to pay a custom tax ?

  • Grieco Luca

    I bought the 128gb version in Giztop, 2 weeks ago in pre-order.

    Apart for the price which is the best currently, I am a bit disappointed by the customer service as at date I have no visibility on shipping date and order progress. Looking forward to receive an email from Giztop.

    • Don’t worry about it, the pro-order will ship in 30 days.