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Nomu T10 is the newest addition to the Nomu IP68 rugged devices

by Dimitris Economou 9

Nomu is well known for its rugged smartphones that sport great build quality and powerful specs. Nevertheless, the market is never resting, so the company is ready to release another model, Nomu T10 that also features IP68 certification. This time, it’s not a smartphone, but it serves its purpose well. It is a high quality rugged phone, which is not only IP68 waterproof, but also super tough to resist a drop from a height of 2 meters.

Nomu T10

Nomu T10 main features



As a rugged phone, T10 will never let you down. It can survive a 2 meter drops in daily use. You don’t need to worry about getting a damaged phone by careless daily drops.

Nomu T10


IP68 certification + waterproof USB design

T10’s design meets the highest waterproof standard on the market right now. It’s an IP68 certified waterproof device, which means it can survive 2 hours up to 1.2 meters underwater. Besides, unlike most rugged devices on market, which usually adopt a USB plug to keep water out, T10 uses waterproof USB. So it doesn’t need any plugs to resist water, eliminating the possibility of forgetting to close it or lose it. Also, it is dustproof as well.

Nomu T10


Multi-functional Torch

Unlike most phones, T10 uses a special torch button and the torch can be turned on even T1O is off. In addition, it supports 4 modes, week light, strong light , SOS and strobe, covering multiple light needs.

Nomu T10


Reverse Charging Function

T10 is equipped with 2800mAh Li-Po battery, which supports a 20-hour continuous call time, and 500 hours of standby time. Beside, it can serve as a power bank too.

Nomu T10


Customizable button

A special button for you to quickly launch the app you need. Convenient and time-saving.


Rest of specs

Working temperature between – 20℃-55℃ and 9 languages supported. Also, there’s dual SIM support with dual standby with 850/900/1800/1900 (B5/B8/B3/B2) bands supported.


The Nomu T10 official product page is here and it is already available on Aliexpress from $59.99.

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  • Mark

    Promising phone to eliminate new 3310

  • Серега

    Finally good torch and no annoying rubber plugs

  • Techno Vip

    Good functions for backup phone

  • Yanis Kudis

    Good job nomu. Hope t10 will be cheaper soon

  • Petr

    Impressive ruggedness

  • Luis Vicentelli

    I’m super happy with this terminal, is the best

  • Leo Lopez

    This phone is the most regurizied of the moment, I love it

  • Expert

    Agm m1 doesn’t have Russian language. Nomu have

    • Mark Napoli

      Agm prduce low quality phones, do not buy that crap