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Ulefone Gemini Pro dual camera flagship coming on May 31st

by Dimitris Economou 5

Ulefone is all set up for the production of their flagship for 2017, the dual camera device Ulefone Gemini Pro that according to the company will hit the market on May 31st when its presale starts.


Ulefone Gemini Pro will feature Helio X27 deca-core 2.6GHz chipset and Sony IMX258 13MP dual camera. In the latest official video from Ulefone, we can see the final design of the device. The dual camera is placed horizontally on top left of the phone body, which is fully made of metal by CNC technique except for the nano-injected antenna openings. Physical keys sit on the right edge of the phone while fingerprint scanner is placed on the front panel. On the bottom of the device, there is the USB Type-C port. What’s interesting though, is that the Red model will be available on launch.

Ulefone Gemini Pro


For now, you can join a lottery on the Ulefone official site with USD chip for a chance to win the Ulefone Gemini Pro. And in the next 2 weeks, Ulefone will launc some other promotional campaigns where you may either get a free device or big discounts. Join the lottery here.



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  • I welcome the fact that OEM’s are now coming out with a range of more colourful phones but I notice that pictures of them often show only the backs of these phones. Why? Because the front bezels are black so all colour options look the same from the front. So boring and disappointing. Might as well be all black with this cheap compromise.

    • Joe

      Actually, there’s a reason why almost all manufacturers go with black on the front. Black makes the bezels on the sides of the screen bearable. Plus the sensors on the front as well as the fingerprint blend in well. Other colors would make the sensor as well as the bezels stand out.

      • OK, so why didn’t Samsung do that with the Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge? Or most of Huawei’s better phones. No, I think it has nothing to do with the reason you state. It’s probably cheaper to mass produce the front bezels all in the same colour – which is what it looks like to me – cheap and cheerful corner cutting. Also, most of Xiaomi’s colourful phones – that is non-black ones, have white on the front – say gold or silver on the back but white on the front. I don’t mind a white front, just don’t like black – to me it’s like a picture without a frame when the screen is off because you can’t tell where the screen ends and the bezel starts.

        • Joe

          If you look at the S7 in different color options, you see that the sensors and the home button do stand out much more than the black colored model. And when it comes to the colors on the front, I don’t think cost is an issue. Also, see how the company shifted to a black front on the S8. Black manages to hide the sensors very well!

          Also, why do you think Huawei would go for a plain white front especially when it made such a big deal about its greenary color option? It’s not the cost, but general preference I think.

          But when you come to think of it, Xiaomi does have a blue front for its blue Mi 6.

          So, what I personally feel is that most manufacturers, especially the ones in the affordable smartphone segment don’t want to risk using a different color on the front, other than generally preferred ones like black or white. Coz remember, screen gets the most attention and many users probably wouldn’t want any bright colors to get in the way.

          Of course, I’m sure there are many like you, who feel the front needs to stand out from the screen. It’s just a matter of mass preference I feel.

          • I”m surprised that you’re going on about the visibility of the sensors, not something I’d even notice let alone be bothered by. I’d rather see them on a phone with a nice colour, like the Samsung S7 in coral blue than have black. Different likes and dislikes is what it comes down to. You mention the S8 with black front bezels, one of the things I most dislike about this phone.