Xiaomi Mi Mix Ultimate Edition 6GB/256GB deal on Gearbest (coupon)

by Dimitris Economou 0

After the big wave of excited fans and media that Xiaomi caused with the announcement of Xiaomi Mi Mix, everybody came down to earth, as -being a limited production unit- it was very hard to find. Even the few thousand units that appeared online during all this time, would quickly vanish by the eager users who wanted to get their hands on this beauty. Thankfully, all the excitement has blown over and the device is now more easily available. As always, Gearbest brings you some of the best deals and this time it is about the Xiaomi Mi Mix 6GB/256GB Black edition that after using coupon MiGMIX, has a price of $579.99. As always, it comes in limited quantities and there are 77 more left at the time of writing.

Xiaomi Mi Mix

The Xiaomi Mi MIX has a 6.4″ display, 4GB/6GB of RAM, and 128GB/256GB of storage. The lack of bezels on three of its sides gives it a footprint almost the same as that of the 5.5″ iPhone 7 Plus. There is a 4400mAh battery under the hood and a rear mounted fingerprint scanner. With the coupon from Gearbest, the device reaches its official price of about $580. So, be quick if you’ve been looking for a chance to buy it. You can find it in the link below.