New Haier XShuai Shuaixiaobao Robot Vacuum Cleaner Now on GeekBuying

by Martin 1

Chinese manufacturer Haier has just released its new Shuaixiaobao Robot Vacuum Cleaner under its XShuai brand and is now available over at GeekBuying.

The Haier XShuai features a 5-step cleaning system, 3 cleaning modes, automatic and manual charging modes, a climbing capacity of up to 15 degrees, night vision functionality, a 2200mAh battery, and support for 10 languages. It is also equipped with a 2-megapixel HD camera and 2W speakers.

The Shuaixiaobao can be controlled using the downloadable Huiba app wherein functions such as turning the vacuum cleaner on or off, setting cleaning schedules, monitoring the vacuum cleaner’s status, and switching between cleaning modes, can be performed.

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The Haier XShuai Shuaixiaobao Robot Vacuum Cleaner is currently priced at $249.00 over at GeekBuying and comes with the main unit, the charging station, the charging station adapter, one trailing bar assembly, one mop attachment, one filter, two side brush attachments, a screwdriver, the user manual, the battery, and one cleaning brush.