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Koogeek BP2 Smart Blood Pressure Monitor is beautiful, accurate and 40% off (coupon)

by Dimitris Economou 0

We are heading towards an age that every device will be wirelessly interconnected and machine-to-human-to-machine interaction will be flawless. Until we reach that level of cooperation between devices, we’ll have to go through a period of infancy for smart devices. To contribute to evolution, comes a new device from Koogeek, the Koogeek BP2 Smart Blood Pressure Monitor.

Koogeek BP2

Koogeek BP2 adopts Texas Instruments CC2541 Bluetooth chip as well as WiFi connectivity. The CE, FCC and FDA approvals ensure that its heart rate monitoring as well as blood pressure measurements are of high accuracy. The BP2 supports data storage of up to 16 users and all measurement data can be saved in Koogeek Cloud. Also, you can export this data and send it to your personal doctor. It can be connected to your smartphone using Bluetooth and there is an available app for both Android and iOS (it is compatible with Apple Health app as well). Lastly, it is very user friendly, as measurement can be taken with just the press of a button and displayed on its large LCD display.

Koogeek BP2

Koogeek BP2 is available on Amazon US with a 40% discount with coupon 6LKLXWKS and on Amazon UK with £23 off with coupon Y4JUXMRK.

Koogeek BP2

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