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Elephone introduces ELE OS 1.0 that will run on Elephone P8 Mini (video)

by Dimitris Economou 1

Elephone is about to release a new batch of devices with the P8 Series being first in line. At the same time, the software development team is working to add the last finishing touches to the new custom OS that will be available starting from Elephone P8 Mini: ELE OS 1.0. Today, the company released a video demonstrating the ELE OS running on a P8 Mini. Watch it below.

Yes, it does remind you of something. It looks a lot like Apple’s iOS, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. iOS is considered to have one of the most beautiful UIs among mobile OSes and Elephone decided to start from there and add its own touches to bring it closer to the Android philosophy. As you can see in the video, it is based on Android 7.0 and it is pretty snappy as well with the company having disabled the transition effects. In addition, quick change of wallpapers and multiple themes make your interface unique while EyeCare mode brings a comfortable visual experience.

Elephone P8 Mini is already up for reservation starting from $99.99 for 10 participants daily. Reserve yours now.

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  • rutvij shah

    Can you confirm whether elephone P8 mini devices shipped after July will have ELE OS 1.0? Just bit confusing as to whether phone has to be flashed to get ELE OS 1.0? If not when will the new OS be available?