Elephone S8 will feature a 2K display after all!

by Dimitris Economou 3

On previous news about Elephone S8, we had rumors talking about the 6″ display  of the upcoming tri-bezeless flagship and that it would feature a 1080p resolution. Well, it seems that those rumors were wrong and that Elephone S8 will sport a 2K display resolution after all! The newest info on the upcoming flagship also talk about a large battery capacity, over 4,000mAh. With a 2K display, games and VR content are more detailed and sharper. Since 2K means huge number of pixels, it would be an overkill to have a display smaller than 6″. It is the sweet spot for both the resolution and use with one hand.

Elephone S8

Elephone S8 is the next big bet for Elephone. It follows the successful design of Sharp Aquos and Xiaomi Mi Mix and seems to be the next gen design trend in mobile industry. Besides the impressive design, it is a powerhouse as well. It sports the Helio X20 SoC along with 4GB RAM and 128GB of storage. Also, the camera setup is 13MP/21MP for the front and back respectively. Lastly, it will come preloaded with Android 7.0. Learn more on Elephone.hk.

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