The First Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Phablet Teardown Has Been Released

by Martin 0

It hasn’t been long since Xiaomi announced its latest Mi Max 2 phablet and someone has already published a teardown of the new device. The folks at “MyFixGuide” has just posted a teardown of the Mi Max 2, showing off the phone’s internals as well as showing just how to take the device apart.

The teardown features the Gold variant of the Mi Max 2 and shows the steps needed to take apart the device, which starts with removing a pair of screws at the bottom of the device flanking the USB Type-C port. The back cover then needs to be separated from the rest of the device using suction cups and a thin prying tool, being careful to remove the back cover slowly as it is attached via the fingerprint sensor’s connector cable to the motherboard.

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After that, you’ll have access to the internals of the device and each of its components can be removed by taking out their respective screws. The entire process is shown in the images below: