Nomu S30 Mini IP68 certified rugged smartphone coming this month, S30 discount offer

by Dimitris Economou 5

With 9 years of producing rugged devices experience, Nomu is now a well known manufacturer when it comes to rugged smartphones. Its next device will be Nomu S30 Mini, a more compact version of Nomu S30. The new product will be another super tough rugged device with ultra thin body.

Nomu S30 Mini

S30 mini is an IP68 cerified water, shock and dust-proof smartphone. As a new device, S30 mini carries on the excellent protective performance of Nomu rugged phones. But this time, it comes with some differences. Firstly, this new device will adopt a carbon fiber battery cover, which is highly loved for its light weight, toughness, and outstanding performance to resist corrosion, deformation, extreme high and cold temperature. Secondly, S30 mini will be different from other rugged smartphones for its waterproof USB Port. For other waterproof rugged device, a USB plug is needed to prevent the water into the device. In S30 Mini, the port is waterproof, so there’s no need for a plug. In addition, S30 mini will come with Android 7.0 preloaded.

The new model is expected to hit the market this month. Stay tuned, as soon there will be more info on the rest of its specs. More info about Nomu devices are available on their official website.

What’s more, until June 11th, Nomu S30 comes with a 22% discount on the Aliexpress Nomu Official Store.