UMIDIGI potentially using Samsung S-AMOLED on coming flagship UMIDIGI Z1 (video)

by Dimitris Economou 1

UMIDIGI is prepping its new flagship, UMIDIGI Z1, and will probably once again choose to go with Samsung Super AMOLED display. The ultra-slim nature of AMOLED displays allows for ultra-slim smartphone design, and that’s probably one of the key reasons why UMIDIGI Z1 managed to design such a thin 6.95mm body, the thinnest for a big battery phone.


AMOLED also has a reduced up to 30% power consumption and even when the phone is not turned on, necessary information will continue to display on the screen. The AOD(Always On Display) reduces power consumption significantly. AMOLED makes the DCI P3, the digital cinema color standard, up to 94% coverage, while the AMOLED’s self-emission technology delivers authentic colors to viewers with color vision deficiency. Also, AMOLED reduces the hazardous bluelight levels two times, which makes it much healthier to the eyes than LCD and prevents eye fatigue and dry eye syndrome.

On the AMOLED display, viewing images and videos on UMIDIGI Z1 is like seeing brilliant works of art! We just hope that the company gets the best possible quality panels from Samsung. Learn more about UMIDIGI Z1 and enter for giveaway here.