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Doogee Mix Plus coming later this year, a cheaper alternative to S8 and without rounded corners

by Dimitris Economou 7

We’ve told you in the past that 2017 will be the year of almost bezel-less devices. All kind of devices for every taste and financial capability are popping up. The start was made with Samsung Galaxy S8 that features zero bezels on both right and left sides and has an incredible screen-to-body ratio. On the budget flagship category, we saw Doogee Mix making its appearance and it seems that the company has even bigger plans. So, rumors say that there will be a Doogee Mix Plus coming later this year.

Doogee Mix Plus

Doogee has not detailed the screen-to-body ratio of the Mix Plus, but according to WinFuture, the aspect ratio of the smartphone will be 18:9. Also, there is no information on the hardware either, but we should expect something close to its smaller sibling. The screen size of the phone is said to be 6.2″, which is the same as the Galaxy S8+ but resolution details have been kept in the dark for now. The regular Doogee Mix came with a 5.5-inch 1080p AMOLED display, so we can expect the company to make some display upgrades when it is gearing up to release the Mix Plus in the future.

In a leaked photo, you can see the Doogee Mix Plus next to S8+ and the first thing that you notice is that its display is not curved on the sides, something that would be very much appreciated by many users. Plus, it’s less likely to break the display if it falls on its side.


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  • Lars Lilienthal

    Maybe you should check your sources. Doogee mix has a 720p resolution.

    • Delorane Two Puerto

      720p is LOW BRO.. how low can u get to be lower than 720 in 2017 ?

      • Amadeu Matos

        Low res display, No 802.11ac wifi, No Type C USB , These were the only 3 items that put me off otherwise it must me a good phone , So i hope they will come out with the PLUS version very soon because the market is getting very competitive…

    • Groe

      Its true, its mentioned in their official webpage. its not bad though for the price, i have a Note 2 and its using the same screen and its pretty good, also it consumes less power.

  • Gousgounis

    First I was excited by doogee mix, but after they released the specs, I was disappointed.
    Low res display, No 802.11ac wifi, eMMC memory, slow chipset, No NFC, No Type C USB etc…
    Not to mention the fake image samples 🙁

    ok, the phone is beautiful, practical with the fingerprint sensor on the front but design is not enough.

    Mi mix was not only original and beautiful, but also a very powerful phone.

    • Josef Izchaki

      My friend, maybe you are expecting to much from a $200- phone?

    • Bader Alshajara

      For a price tag under $200 i will go for it, if you want all these specs pay more. to me i can deal with all of what you said is bad, to me its good for that price tag.