Elephone P8 first photo samples emerge and look stunning

by Dimitris Economou 1

Yesterday, Elephone launched released two photos (click on them for high resolution) shot by the prototype of Elephone P8, the upcoming camera-phone from the company. As you can see for yourselves, focus is great on both of them. Also, color reproduction is great as well as detail level. In addition, since the Elephone P8 is still in development, we believe that the final product will shoot even better photos.

Elephone P8 Photo Sample

Meanwhile, Elephone is chasing perfection in details. You do not need to wait for the pixel recomputation, you can see the photo crystal-clear once you enlarge it. Elephone P8 is equipped with a Sony IMX230 21MP sensor that approaches professional cameras in auto-focus function, making it a real camera phone. What’s more, the sensor is also capable of 4K video recording. The front camera couldn’t be an exception when we are talking about a camera-phone, so the selfie camera has a 16MP sensor with soft flash. No matter selfie or scenery, P8 can meet all your needs.

Elephone P8 Photo

The killer feature of P8 is not only the camera combination, but the 6GB RAM and 64GB large storage as well, making it a beast in multitasking. Lastly, the NXP TFA9897 audio chip makes it a wonderful speaker too. Learn more about upcoming Elephone products here and participate in the Giveaway Event on Facebook to get one for free.