Nomu T10 survives 30 drops of different heights on concrete floor (video)

by Dimitris Economou 0

NOMU T10, an IP68-certified rugged phone, which is water, drop and dust proof. As is known, T10 is 2.0-meter drop-proof . And to show how tough T10 is when facing bumps and drops, the company conducted a drop test on. It includes 30 continuous real drops from 0.5m to 2.25m high onto a concrete floor. As expected, Nomu T10 survived all of the drops without a sweat. After the test, the phone is still well-built and can be powered on for normal use.

Nomu T10 was recently released by the company and it features ΙP68 waterproof standard and a waterproof USB design, so there is no need for rubber plugs anymore. In addition, it has a big 2800mAh battery that can also be used to charge other devices. What’s more, there is a mufti-functional Torch with 4 modes, including week light, strong light, SOS, Strobe. A custom button will allow you to assign any app you want for fast launch. It supports 9 languages and dual SIM plus microSD card up to 32GB. FM Radio and Bluetooth are the cherry on the top. For more details visit the official page here and buy it here.