Geekbuying 5th Anniversary Third Round Flash Deals are on, check them out

by Dimitris Economou 0

About a week ago, Geekbuying began the promotion event for its 5th Anniversary, with some awesome offers. The event isn’t -thankfully- over yet and today comes the 3rd Round of the Flash Deals category. As we informed you then, the event consists of 4 main categories: Flash Deal, Best Selling, Popular Categories, Best Offer. Of course, an event like that includes various products, not just smartphones and tablets. Naturally, not all offers are considered as “bargains”, but we’ve got you covered, as we have gathered some of the coolest ones.

Geekbuying 5th Anniversary

First of all, let’s see what the tablet category has for you. With Windows 10 becoming extremely popular among Chinese manufacturers, the vast majority of them come with Windows 10. So does the Jumper EZpad Mini 4 tablet that features an 8″ FHD display along with 2GB RAM and 32GB of internal storage. And it costs just $99.99.

In the smartphone department, there are two Xiaomi devices that are a great deal: Xiaomi Redmi 4A and Redmi Note 4. Both of them are the latest devices of the Redmi Series, the Series that defined what VFM means. The flash sale price for the former is $94.99 and for the Note 4 $165.99.

Xiaomi is the best brand in the Home Devices as well. Xiaomi is collaborating with several small start-ups for products other than smartphones and Xiaofang IP camera is one of those products. You can find it on Geekbuying for just $19.89. Together, it’s a good idea to fo for the Xiaomi speaker as well, a cheap and quality choice for just $10.99.

Lastly, a robot couldn’t be left out of the event. We are talking about Haier robot vacuum that will take over your house cleaning for just $159.99. Not bad for a permanent cleaning lady heh? You can find all the available deals here.