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No1 G8 smartwatch goes on presale on Banggood, only $33.99

by Dimitris Economou 3

After a slight delay in the release of No1 G8, the new smartwatch from the company is finally going on presale at Banggood for an amazingly low price of $33.99 with free shipping.

No1 G8

No1 G8 is focused on battery performance. For that reason, it supports 3 types of function to achieve that.  For starters, there’s the Watch mode where you can use it as a watch with Bluetooth turned off. In this mode, battery could go on for 4 days. Then there’s Band mode, during which you can use Bluetooth to sync information with your smartphone. Lastly, there is Normal mode, where all functions are available including SIM support for calls and internet access. This is the most power-hungry of all.

You can pre-order No1 G8 smartwatch now from Banggood for $33.99. After presale ends, the price will return to the official $59.99, almost double the offer price. So, if you are interested, go ahead and order it now. You can find it here.

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  • (“)(‘o’,)

    But what are the features of the watch? Is it the same Chinese os which doesn’t allow you to install your own apps?

    • jimberkas

      comment from No.1 on a youtube video:
      “sorry, it can not support install any app. There is mtk2502 chip.”

  • Dj

    What’s the ip rating