Nomu T10 Feature Phone Gets Unboxed in New Video

by Martin 0

The Nomu T10 is one of the latest rugged feature phones from Nomu and in a new unboxing video, the phone’s features and included accessories are showcased.

The video shows off the rugged design of the T10 including its rubber cap covered reverse USB charging port, its rubber physical buttons, its waterproof multi-function torch, and waterproof micro USB port.

We also get to see the accessories that are included with the T10 such as a USB cable, a charging adapter, the T10’s removable 2800mAh battery, a battery cover opener, as well as the warranty card and user manual.

The video also shows how the back cover of the T10 can be removed using the included battery cover opener. Once the cover is removed, we get to see the device’s dual SIM card slots and its microSD card slot.

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The video then shows off several of the T10’s features such as its software, camera, music player, and its ability to charge other devices with its reverse USB charging port. Its other features are then showcased including its multi-function torch, and its waterproof capabilities. Full specs of the T10 can be found here.

The Nomu T10 is currently available at AliEpxress for $59.99.