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Elephone S8 is the only tri-bezel-less smartphone right now from China (video)

by Dimitris Economou 4

When talking about smartphone nowadays, the display is one of the hottest topics. People usually talk about size and panel technology, leaving resolution on the side. Since FHD displays have become very affordable for manufacturers, they have become a standard in most phones, even low-budget ones. But, in order for a device to stand out, it has to give more than that.

Elephone S8

In addition, when talking about large display devices, the higher the resolution, the better. In order to provide for crisp and clear picture, the pixel density must be high. A perfect example is Samsung and LG that use displays with very high resolution and they look gorgeous.

Elephone S8

That said, Elephone S8 is the only tri-bezel-less device with a 2K large display. Of course, there is Galaxy S8 and LG G6 as well, but they are not exactly bezel-less. On the Elephone S8, the large 6″ panel is combined with the tri-bezel-less design, which means the screen-to-body ratio is large. With the 2560*1440 2K display, the large screen gives you an unbelievable visual effect.

Elephone S8

Besides, Elephone S8 equipped with a strong weapon: A 21MP rear camera and an 8MP front camera, that are another sector where smartphone manufacturers compete. As we speak, the company is debugging the cameras and hopefully, we will have the chance to see some photo samples soon. You can click the S8 screenshots above, to see the full resolution and have a taste at how many details you’ll be able to see on its display. Also, you can check out the original video below. For more info, check their device calendar.

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  • Lars Lilienthal

    Actually there are already some sample pictures. As I believe you post your idiot advertisings for a living, you should probably be more ‘professional’

  • Osman Ustabas

    “only” ? Realy ?

  • Seb

    3mm beezel is not beezel-less

    • Josef Izchaki

      where are these specs from?